Rebecca Centeno joins Fishermen’s Village as VP of PG Hospitality

Fishermen’s Village is proud to announce Rebecca Centeno has joined the Fishermen’s Village Management Team as Vice President of PG Hospitality. 

Rebecca was born into the field of hospitality and has had Punta Gorda as her stomping grounds since the 80’s. She loves Fishermen’s Village and Punta Gorda. Most recently, she was a General Manager overseeing 180 rooms in Charlotte County.

Many may remember Rebecca as the little girl from local Punta Gorda restaurant Elena’s working the cash register, putting a smile on customers’ faces. “Loving hospitality is not something that one can learn. It has to “flow through your veins” and you have to want to put a smile on your customer’s faces by working your absolute hardest for every single customer”, says Rebecca. She even encourages her staff to smile when on the phone with guests, because she believes they can hear and see that smile even in a phone call.

Having experienced the demands of operating two major franchise hotels in Charlotte County, she was an ideal candidate to be recruited by PG Hospitality to take the helm as Vice President of the company. She has built an amazing team of people who also love hospitality, are eager to show off the beautifully renovated Suites at Fishermen’s Village and grow within our beautiful City of Punta Gorda as PG Hospitality expands its presence in the city.